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Build the Photography Business you’ve been daydreaming about

This online masterclass give you a step-by-step marketing plan

Are you ready to transform your business so you can:

  • Spend LESS time working a job you hate and more time doing the things you love

  • STOP wasting money on ads that get you few or NO bookings

  • FINALLY launch the business you’re dreaming about and go FULL TIME?


Marketing your Photography Business can seem ominous and intimidating

It’s hard to know where to START and imagine the process most clients go through: from interest to inquiry to booking and then gallery delivery. This leaves most of us photographers feeling defeated and wondering if our TALENT is the reason we’re not getting booked out. I can’t tell you the number of times a photographer has asked “Is it just me? Will I EVER be successful?”


I believe that people should be able to make a good living doing something they love without having to miss out on the rest of their life in the process; especially when the thing they love doing is delivering invaluable memories to couples and families.


In other words YOU are needed and I am here to help you, and thousands of would-be clients, see that.

Is this course for you?

You know there’s a long list of business related things you *should* be doing, but you just feel so overwhelmed by it all that you put it off.

You know that just waiting and hoping is not a real strategy… but “advertising” feels intimidating and complicated. You’re looking for a STEP BY STEP strategy to remove the guesswork.

Your website is beautiful… but no one ever seems to see it. You’ve heard a lot about SEO (or maybe not) but don’t really know where to start. You would love an easy step by step checklist you could complete and then never think about it again.

You would love to have one Facebook/Instagram ad running that you never had to touch or manage but brought in an endless flow of bookings. You wonder if that is even possible… (spoiler alert: it is)

If you’d rather skip the trial and error of figuring this all out on your own then this class is, most definitely, for YOU.



Hi, I'm Jess

I have been where you are and I feel your pain. I spent sleepless nights wondering if I was crazy for quitting my stable job as an ER Nurse to take pictures of people. I remember watching my Credit Card get charged for Facebook and Google Ads and not knowing if I would ever get enough shoots to cover the mounting expenses of starting my own business. I remember, tears in my eyes, wondering if someday I would ever have to leave my children again for a 12 hour overnight shift that left me unable to be fully present with them during the next day. But ever since I learned the EXACT strategy I lay out in my STEP BY STEP Business and Marketing Course, those concerns have been a thing of the past. And THATS why I made this course: to GUIDE YOU through that STEP BY STEP Process and give you the EXACT AD that has made me over $100,000 in the last year working less than ten hours a week. I started out so that I could capture the memories of people’s dreams coming true at weddings, in the first days of parenthood, and with their growing families; NOW I’m in the business of making Photographer’s dreams come true for their lives and businesses.

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“Jess goes into great detail on the marketing aspect including SEO, Facebook, and Instagram. All in all this course is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I HIGHLY recommend you checking it out!”

Anissa D of @annisadphotography (over 60k Followers on Instagram)


How to TRANSFORM your current Photography Business into a sustainable and profitable income and enjoy the LIFE you’ve been dreaming of?

Step 1: Get access to THIS STEP BY STEP Business and Marketing Course (made SPECIFICALLY for photographers) and spend the next couple days watching it in its entirety.

Step 2: Implement the steps laid out in the course on your website and social media (including the EXACT ad copy I use in my ONE AND ONLY ad that brings in 100% of my new business)

Step 3: Watch your inbox fill up with inquiries of people ready to BOOK NOW.

Yup, it’s really that simple.


Here’s what other REAL SUCCESSFUL PHOTOGRAPHERS are saying about the course:

“These classes are incredible. I went from a few bookings here and there, to a new inquiry EVERY TIME I OPEN MY EMAIL! -Rachel

“This course is PACKED with resources that have been working for Jess... but they’re now working for me THE FIRST TIME after taking these courses” -Brianna

“When I was first starting out Jess was my mentor and these classes were the FOUNDATION of how I got started” -Erin V.


“Jess is so accessible and to-the-point. This information is GOLD.” -Kelly

The Bottom Line:

The information in the course REVOLUTIONIZED their businesses and mine and I want that FOR YOU TOO!


Ready to become the NEXT transformational success story?


This course acts as a ROADMAP for you to:

1. Create a BRAND that will blow away your customers

2. MARKET that Brand using Simple and Easy to Follow SEO, Google, and Facebook strategies

3. Generate Inquiries that convert into BOOKINGS using my EXACT Ad and Email Copy

4. DELIVER amazing, one-of-a-kind memories to your ecstatic clients.

“I saw results as soon as I started implementing what I learned in this class!” 



What's included in this course?

How to use effective Lead Magnets to drive new business

My proprietary email funnel and implementation timeline

How to use layered targeting in social media ads to get in front of only the right audience

My exact facebook ad formula and how to create your own

What's NOT included?

Unnecessary and unhelpful filler modules that confuse your path to LASTING photography success


What does life as a successful Photographer look like?

  • EARN up to $500 per hour WITHOUT prerequisite education or licensure

  • Structure your work AROUND YOUR priorities including (kids, travel, partner, etc.)

  • Deliver MEMORIES to thankful, and affirming clientele

  • CREATE intimate or joyous experiences for wonderful humans

  • If desired, TRAVEL and EXPLORE while making a full-time income

  • Work MORE or LESS depending on your preference in any given season of life

  • Take off AS MUCH time as desired without approval from an employer or “boss”

  • Build YOUR SCHEDULE around your families needs and desires

Sound like something you might be interested in?


You have a choice to make…

So many people don’t realize that every missed opportunity represents a choice. Inaction or choosing not to get access to a course like this is A CHOICE.


And EVERY choice has consequences…


If you choose to click away and not get access to this amazing resource, you’re choosing to:

  • Waste valuable money and time trying to figure out the extremely complicated process of creating a successful and efficient Facebook or Google Ad.

  • Stress because your Website is not optimized to bring in FREE business on search engines and everyday thousands of people are picking a different photographer

  • Continue to work a job that is uninspiring as you continue to delay success and the life you’re dreaming of for you and your family

  • Lose bookings over not having clear and compelling copy in your email communication to convert inquiries into dollars in your bank account

  • Foster unnecessary anxiety over whether you are truly cut out for the life you wish you had

  • Have conversations with your partner about the financial burden of running an unprofitable business

But you have another option too.

You could ditch all those things and get access to this course to take the necessary steps to achieving your dream…


Now you might say “But Jess, there are consequences to that choice too. What about the money I spend if the course doesn’t help me make my business profitable?”


And to that I offer three responses:


  1. When you book YOUR FIRST (of many) shoots with the information from this course, it will have already paid for itself

  2. I don’t let my students struggle and fail. I’ll be there with you, answering questions you leave in the modules and keeping the information current and up to date as marketing trends change

  3. IF you STILL truly have buyer’s remorse after getting access to this STEP BY STEP GUIDE to success… I have a FULL money back guarantee. Why? Because I know that life can change and maybe you decide you don’t want to make life work as a photographer.

So what are you waiting for? Every second you waste is another second you aren’t taking the necessary steps to make your dream a reality.
































Is it worth it?

Of course I believe this class is worth every penny for 100 reasons but consider just this one. If you’re serious about making you photography business work you’re going to have to spend way more on advertising than this class costs. You can spend that money not knowing if you’re doing it right and wasting (like I did) thousands on sub-optimal ads or you can spend a fraction of that on a class that literally gives you proven ad copy. The ads I give as examples, that you are more than free to use, in this class have made me literally tens of thousands of dollars. You’re either going to spend money guessing and trying to figure out how to market in this highly specialized industry, or you can make the investment up front with this class… the choice is yours.

100% Money Back Guarantee

That being said, I'll let you decide for yourself.


I didn’t get into photography to make online courses. Over time I just developed coaching relationships with enough photographers to realize that what I had stumbled upon was revolutionary. But is it for everyone? As much as I wish it was, it’s just not. Should every photographer at least try it though? Absolutely. That’s why I give a Full Refund to any photographer who is not completely satisfied. It’s that simple. If you're not going to use this to revolutionize your business, I want you to keep your money.


The only reason I can even offer this to you is because I know it DOES WORK.


So if you’re on the fence and worried about striking out with this investment, or getting into the class and realizing it’s just not for you, put your mind at ease. My goal isn’t to get rich on unhappy customers, it’s to guide you to leverage the information in this class and see your business take off.


Your investment

I want to be clear. This is an INVESTMENT and not a small one but I am so sure that if you take this course and implement the steps you will see a HUGE return on that investment.


The largest investment you’re going to make to have success with this course is the time you spend implementing the strategies I lay out in the course. I did my absolute best to make the process to sustained business and marketing success simple and clear… but it’s absolutely going to require time and effort on your part… my only guarantee is that the time you put in taking the course and following the strategies will NOT be time wasted.


As far as your financial investment to get access to this course, I’ve priced this at $350. That includes the course and my EXACT ad funnel and copy (and don’t forget, that part of your investment carries with it a FULL 30 day money back guarantee). Most photographers make back the full cost of the course on the FIRST shoot they get as a result of implementation of the course material and these strategies will be with you for life so the sky is the limit on what the total return on this investment could be.


So are you ready to make the best investment you’ve ever made?


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