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How to Prepare

Congratulations on booking your newborn photography session! Here are some key tips to help you prepare and ensure that we capture stunning, timeless photographs of your little one and your family.


What to Wear

To achieve a timeless and non-distracting look in your photos, I recommend sticking to neutral colors such as white, cream, beige, grey, khaki, jeans, and brown.


To help you choose the perfect outfits, I've partnered with an amazing resource that suggests items for each family member and lets you view everyone's outfits side by side.


Simply click the link below and use the code: STYLE


Tips for Success

Feeding Your Baby: try to feed your baby about 30 minutes before the session. A comfortably full baby is more likely to be calm and happy.

Cleaning: Don't stress too much about cleaning; I'll take care of moving anything distracting in the background. However, I do suggest clearing off your bedside tables.

White Bedding: If possible, dress your master bed with a white duvet or comforter. White bedding helps to create a bright and airy look in the photographs.

Keep it Warm: Have your home slightly warmer than usual. This helps keep your baby comfortable while being photographed without swaddles.

Siblings: If you have any older kiddos at home, we'll usually start with their photos. This way, if they start to feel restless, they can go off and play while I continue with each parent and baby.

Outfits for Baby: I bring lots of swaddles, blankets, outfits, and bows but if you want to have an outfit or two ready for baby we can totally use those as well!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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