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For the past several months I have been taking multiple COVID precautions in line with the CDC recommendations. My goal is to keep you and your littles as safe as possible during this difficult time. Here are some of the guidelines I have been following:


⁃ I wear a mask at all sessions the whole time and will keep my distance whenever possible. 

⁃ I no longer offer back to back sessions and instead only take at most 1 family per day. 

⁃ All adults and children over 2 are asked to wear masks whenever not being photographed. 

⁃ All of my swaddles/photography gear is thoroughly washed and disinfected between each session.


In addition to these precautions I feel it’s worth mentioning that my family is also being very cautious in our own personal life. We are not traveling or seeing any friends/extended family members. We have a little baby at home too so we are doing our best to be as careful as we can.

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