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Chicago Maternity Photography - Chicago Outdoor Maternity Session

I have had two babies and never had professional photos taken with either pregnancy and I have so regretted it. That big belly grows so gradually that the enormity (haha) of what it is doesn’t really sink in until one day you wake up and that belly is gone! With both of my pregnancies only a few short weeks after my baby was born I could hardly remember what it felt or looked liked to be 9 months pregnant, it felt almost surreal to look at the few iPhone pictures I had of my pregnant belly.

I wish I could convince everyone how special and how important maternity photos will be after you deliver. (but I couldn’t even convince myself of that after regretting not having maternity photos with my first one!)

I get it. I know most of us don’t really love having photos taken where WE‘RE the main subject. Especially when you maybe don’t feel all that beautiful with your swollen ankles, chubby face, and extra acne (sorry just talking about myself here). Or were just so busy chasing around a toddler that scheduling a maternity photography session isn’t exactly the first thing on our mind.

So anyway. Any of you lucky enough or wise enough to actually go out and have professional pictures taken of yourself pregnant... I’m super jealous.

This couple below is expecting their first child, a baby girl, and could not be more excited. Their love for each other and for their baby was so evident throughout their session- it seriously made my day to photograph them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My name is Jess and I’m a family, maternity, and newborn photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. I love to capture the incredibly special stage of life with a newborn. But my goal is to capture it in such a way that, looking back at your photos, you remember what this period of time actually felt like, not just what it looked like.

That’s why I love using a natural lifestyle approach to my photography. I get portraits of baby alone, and images of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but the majority of my sessions are focused on capturing the love and emotion behind it all.

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