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Chicago Newborn Photography - Chicago In-Home Lifestyle Session

The dad at this session asked me at one point “So what made you decide to specialize in newborn photography? Do you just really like babies?”

I took a second before answering because, honestly, nobody had outright asked me this question before. (I probably should have had a response ready for that one...oh well). I almost surprised myself when I responded, "I actually love newborn photography, not because of the babies, but because of the mothers."

Those first few weeks after a baby is born is a period of crazy transition. A new version of yourself is born. There is the version of you before you were a mother and then the version AFTER. And it all happens so quickly that most people barely notice it, which is why I find it such an incredibly special time to photograph. You will look back on these images down the road and remember what it felt like as the transformation was just beginning... into motherhood.

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My name is Jess and I’m a family, maternity, and newborn photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. I love to capture the incredibly special stage of life with a newborn. But my goal is to capture it in such a way that, looking back at your photos, you remember what this period of time actually felt like, not just what it looked like.

That’s why I love using a natural lifestyle approach to my photography. I get portraits of baby alone, and images of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but the majority of my sessions are focused on capturing the love and emotion behind it all.

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